Anonymous said: I have only told my closest friend that I may be a lesbian but now I am almost certain I am bi preferring same sex. I am only 13 but I have found interest in girls rather than boys recently and need help. My family have no idea of my change in sexuality as they have assumed I am straight. I feel as though I need to tell my other friends who I know will not judge me. I am going into year 7 next year into a school with my close friends but can't figure out how to tell them. Please help!

In all honesty, I wouldn’t come out to early. Just because if things change or you end up liking a boy. Just because your body won’t know what it wants yet. People will question you and make jokes more so than if they were to make homophobic jokes.

If you wish to tell your close friends, talk to them separately on their thoughts on homosexuals or people that are bi so you have a better understanding of how they would react. And tell people accordingly based on their answers. It’s what I did

Anonymous said: Hey,I kinda need advice. I'm gay but I don't think I can tell anyone especially my male friends because they're well immature. I'm slightly afraid that they won't be my friends afterwards. Even worse, I have feelings for one of my friends who doesn't treat me as well as the others. My friend's cousin is gay and although he hasn't spoke to me directly (social media), I feel a bit of confidence that someone wants to help me. But he's 17 and I'm 14. I don't want people to think of me differently...

Why not try and inbox your friends cousin?
Most gays would understand and be more than willing to help out someone in the same boat.

If you don’t feel it’s best to tell others due to their maturity, than you are probably right in thinking that. Don’t feel the need to come out until you want to and you feel safe about doing so. You may want to scream it to the world. But do it with caution and pick your best friends, make them become an open book as well in a dnm or something and get their feelings on homosexuals and what they think of them before you tell you them.

Anonymous said: Im gay and 14 turning 15 and i still hav'nt found a bf yet can u give me advice on how to get one???

When you find out tell me how. I’m 21 and haven’t had a boyfriend since I was 16 O_O

I’ve had a crush on this guy for years. And I mean around 2009ish…. I think…

At least one of my crushes turned out to be gay. That’s an extra 1% chance he will be my husband. That makes it to 2% ^_^

Anonymous said: your blog makes me happy :)

Glad to hear it

Anonymous said: Hi, my best friends thing that I'm not gay, but I know it definitely. I like boys since 11 years, I kissed boy and I'm in love with my classmate, but he things it is just in my head and I can change it, however I don't want and I can't I thing. Can you give me a hint how can I solve this problem please ? :/ And, sorry for my English, I'm not from ENG speaking country. :-)

Your English is fine =P

Nothing you can really do. Those type of people don’t normally believe it’s the way you are born. They may have gone through a phase and think it’s because they changed their thoughts. Not realising that’s just puberty.

I went through a phase myself, I’m a boy, I liked boys up until I was 13, then I liked girls, then I got over girls by 14. My phase period was proof alone that our brains are wired differently.

Just ride it out, eventually they will get the point.

Anonymous said: Wie heißt der Film! What is this Film called?

What is what film called?

I think I’m gay

I’ll be starting 9th grade in a couple weeks, and I think I’m final being honest with myself that I’m probably gay. This summer, two of my “former” best friends, guys who I have been jerking off with since we were 12, both now have girlfriends and this summer both started for the first time having sex with these girls. One told me he’s “not a fag” and to never tell anyone that he used to (yes, “used to”) “do that shit” with me (meaning touch each other and jerk off together). He pretty much told me he’s not going to be friends with me anymore. My other friend, I don’t know whether this is better or worse, but he just ignores my texts and phone calls to him completely. Like, about 15 of these in a row over the past 2 weeks he’s now completely ignored. So I’m guessing that’s his way of letting me know he doesn’t want to be friends with a little fag boy anymore either…

SO, WORLD, I’M FUCKING GAY. (There. I said it.) (I’m also crying my fucking head off right now too…)

  • Wow, kiddo. I can tell you now, that ‘guy’ who doesn’t want to be friends with you and has a girlfriend now. To me, he sounds like he’s fighting temptations he’s scared of and is trying to be with a girl in order to suppress it. ps. it’s not going to work. He’ll work it out years down the track.

    I had a friend like that too when I was 12. We are much older now, it has never been brought up in conversation. He’s straight, but he’s fine with me being gay. He got weirded out at first. But I think he came to terms with it.

    YOU’RE QUEER AND YOU’RE HERE!!!!! Sorry, that sounded pathetic. Just say fuck it, to all the people trying to bring you down. Be better then them, even though that sounds like the hardest thing to do. It gets better man, and one day, they may actually apologise for the way they were. Sounds strange now. But I’m friends with guys who use to bully me and try and beat me up in high school. They legitimately apologised and we are all quite close now.

Anonymous said: I'm so lonely in life, i am too scared and timid to to meet anyone, where can go to meet new people? I have never been in any relationship at all, I am such a passionate, loving, caring, funny, athletic, and fun person to be with but I have no one to share my life with, I need love so bad, my life has been wasted by hiding in the shadows. I am a shy skinny white 17 year old boy with glasses and I am gay. I a want to live a happy life with a person I love.

Find any Gay Youth Support centres in your community or use the website TAGGED to find any local or NEAR local people. Use that via facebook to start a network until you know everyone.

It just sort of happened for us gay’s in Brisbane Australia. Everyone knows everyone or has at least heard of everyone.

Anonymous said: If a 17 year old guy hasn't found a bf by now, what are the chances of him ever finding someone to love? : (

When you turn 21, you tell me =/
I haven’t had a proper relationship since I was 16. And only had a 2 day fling with a friend a little while ago……… yippy for me =/ lol

It’ll happen one day ^_^ 


Anonymous said: I wanted to let you know that you're doing something wonderful here. It's a touchy subject, and very hard to present in an honest, tasteful way, but you're doing a fantastic service to kids who are unsure how they're supposed to fit in. I'm out as bi to my wife, and a few close friends. As a grown man who, while growing up, always knew I wasn't gay, but liked boys too much to be straight, I can tell you I wish this had been around then. Of course, no internet then :-) Keep up the great work!

It’s getting hard to keep this page running to be honest. =/

I mean, when I started this page I was a kid too. Now I’m 21 and working 50 hour weeks =/

But thanks man, your post made my night. That’s for sure


Let’s add a little tolerance to the chicken sandwich. 

04980 said: I feel really alone.. i feel like i can't tell anyone that i am gay. all of my friends are devout christians and would not be my friend anymore if i came out. to make things worst, i have a big crush on one of my closest friends... what should i do??

Hold on. One day you’ll meet the right people. And believe it or not, I know a good many devoted Christians. People who work at a church and would jump down your throat for saying the lords name in vein. But they are fine with me being gay? You never know…

And crushes pass, they may take a long time at times. But they do pass. Trust me on that.

Hi I’m Zach, 17, gay, and from Baltimore, MD. I am really nice and friendly and I like making new friends. Add me!

Hi I’m Zach, 17, gay, and from Baltimore, MD. I am really nice and friendly and I like making new friends. Add me!